Sunday, December 27, 2015


This year. I made my first US song placement on the tv show Justified. I received my first royalty check for a US placement and moved officially to Seattle proper. I performed at El Corazon, at Hempfest,at Seattle University, and on Critical Sun Radio. I would be a liar if I said I never missed NYC, because there are times when I miss it a lot. I was able to go back and record more music and got my fix of diversity. I walked from Spanish Harlem to West Harlem and saw a multitude of shades and heard an array of languages. There were police cars on major streets which made me feel safe, but also on guard. Every week it seems a person of color is wrongfully murdered and it brings such a heaviness to me. The heaviness is even more so when people are in denial about the root cause. I have seen my friends get engaged, have babies, and get pregnant. My babies have always been my music. I am open to what the future holds career wise and other wise. I have nothing holding me down or back. Anything is possible and can happen. Every US state has a different culture. After years of living in NYC, I have incorporated the sensibility in my spirit, and do not feel that will ever go away. The people that will be in life will be. My sense of business, I am sure rubs some the wrong way. I just don't think we have time to lose or waste. I am grateful for my licensing agent and my songwriting partner. I love business as much as I love music. Bills must be paid. I am grateful for my day job, because it allows me to pay them. I also learn a lot by managing. Business no matter where it is, is the same. Politics are everywhere. That is life.

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