Saturday, May 17, 2014

You must fall down before you can walk

For years, my songwriting partner, has urged me to back myself up on guitar. Today, I found the courage to actually do it. I have played guitar for years writing my songs behind closed doors. I have played to explain to the musicians what I hear in my head. Today, I played at a small cafe in Edmonds, WA called Cafe Louvre. It was nerve wrecking. I am used to being surrounded by my musicians backing me up. This was a totally different feeling. It felt awkward. Especially the first 2 songs, but after that, it felt better. I still feel most comfortable just singing, but I respect my songwriting partner and figure there must be something to him so vehemently believing this is something I must do. So, the first time, although rocky is down. I have walked over the coals. Now to go back again. Moving to the great northwest to be closer to my mother feels interesting. There are many times that I miss aspects of New York and tonight I missed having my drummer/ songwriting partner there with me playing alongside me, but on the other hand, I am gaining loyal fans who I really appreciate. My mother and step-father came out to show their support.

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